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Care Coordination. The Care Coordination concentration provides Registered Nurses (RNs) with advanced preparation in nursing practice and the ability to provide effective patient-centered care through the application of care coordination services that improve health outcomes, enhance health care quality and reduce health care costs. Graduates are specialists able to: synthesize innovation principles and best available evidence to lead interprofessional teams to design, deliver and evaluate care coordination practices that are patient-centered, improve health, safety and cost outcomes, enhance quality and access to care across diverse populations.

Nurse Educator. The Nurse Educator concentration prepares nurses to apply theory, research and educational technologies appropriate for the traditional and non-traditional learner aspiring to become a future nurse or healthcare professional. Students learn to develop and implement evidence-based, learner-centered instruction and evaluation within academic and clinical practice settings. Graduates of the NED degree program will be prepared for various types of teaching positions such as nurse faculty, clinical staff training and development programs, as well as patient education programs.

Nursing Informatics. The Nursing Informatics concentration provides nurses with the preparation to manage nursing and health informatics systems; create systems for planning, implementing and evaluating nursing and health information systems; appraise data management and healthcare technology systems for clinical implementation; and participate in the design of innovative nursing and health information systems to enhance evidence-based practice. This program supports preparation for national certification in Informatics and Certified Professionals in Health Information and Management Systems.

Patient Safety and Health Care Quality. The Patient Safety and Health Care Quality concentration provides registered nurses with advanced preparation, to translate and apply concepts, practices and principles of safety and improvement science to enhance the safety and quality of patient care. Graduates are specialists able to synthesize innovation principles and best available evidence to develop interventions for implementation and lead interprofessional teams to design, deliver and evaluate safety and quality improvement efforts that are patient-centered and that minimize risk and improve outcomes across diverse practice settings. This program supports preparation for national certification as a certified professional in health care quality, as a certified patient safety officer, and certified professional in patient safety.

For more information on how to apply for the WRGP resident tuition rate for this program, please contact:

Nancy Kiernan 
Senior Director, Recruitment
College of Nursing & Health Innovation 
Telephone: 602-496-0937

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