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Metallurgical/Mineral Processing Engineering

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Students in this broad program examine, often first-hand, all aspects of metal and non-metal processing and manufacturing. It begins at the mine with mineral processors comminuting ore until liberation occurs and then processing it to produce concentrates of valuable minerals. Extractive metallurgists then extract and refine valuable metals from the concentrates using aqueous and elevated temperature chemistries, either individually or in combination. Physical metallurgists melt and cast the purified metals into alloys to control properties such as strength and corrosion resistance. Welding metallurgists join the metals/alloys together but without destroying their integrity. Finally, material engineers perform all of these tasks with application to polymers, plastics, composites, glasses, ceramics, etc. Placement is traditionally with the mining and manufacturing industries but includes water treatment, recycling, corrosion prevention, materials selection, and aerospace, to name a few.

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