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Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

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Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system. Because of the complexity of the nervous system, neuroscience involves numerous disciplinary approaches that range from molecular interactions to animal behavior. The PhD program in Neuroscience at WSU includes classroom review of the scientific underpinnings of neural function, courses designed specifically to teach students scientific reasoning and critical review of primary literature, and training in proposal writing and oral presentation skills. However, the bulk of the program is spent pursuing a significant scientific question that includes the design and completion of an original scientific investigation. Students develop their project under the expert guidance of well-funded and renowned neuroscientists on the faculty at WSU. Members of the graduate faculty in the Program in Neuroscience come from multiple departments, colleges, and campuses from across the University, thus giving students a broad selection of mentors and potential topics for their thesis research. Students in the graduate Program in Neuroscience can also participate in the Integrated Program in Biomedical Sciences (iPBS) sponsored by the College of Veterinary Medicine. All programs that participate in iPBS have a common core curriculum in the first semester (rotations, professional development, and classes in scientific reasoning and quantitative analysis). After completion of the first semester of study, students have the option to change programs and complete their degree in anyone of the participating programs. Participating programs include Neuroscience, Molecular Bioscience, and Immunology and Infectious Diseases.

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