Utah State University

Electrical Engineering (Space Studies Concentration)

Department Website www.ece.usu.edu

The Electrical and Computer Engineering program at USU provides solid preparation for students in a wide variety of technological areas. The department has strengths in space systems, signal processing, controls, electromagnetics, computer architecture, and computer security. Application information is available at http://rgs.usu.edu/graduateschool. Students with undergraduate degrees in electrical or computer engineering or related fields, such as computer science, physics, or other branches of engineering are encouraged to apply. (Students from other disciplines may need to take undergraduate courses or demonstrate competency in EE/CE areas).

Space research in the ECE Department is concentrated in the areas of spacecraft instrumentation for space environment characterization, Ionospheric physics, Magnetospheric physics, Space Weather Prediction, Spacecraft Systems Engineering, Spacecraft design, Advanced Materials for Spacecraft Electronics, Nano/Pico-Satellites and Spacecraft-Environment Interactions.

For more information on how to apply for the WRGP resident tuition rate for this program, please contact:

Tricia Brandenburg
Graduate Program Coordinator
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
(435) 797-2840

Degrees Available