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The Nano Ph.D. program offers a research-intensive degree focused on nanoscience and nanotechnology, with an emphasis on nano-scale materials. Students from traditional science and engineering backgrounds enter the program with well-defined research interests and affiliate themselves with a research group and a faculty mentor. Current Nano program participants draw from the Departments of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, Chemistry, and Chemical, Materials and Metallurgical, and Electrical Engineering. Students with traditional training in these areas participate in cross-disciplinary research with a nano focus. Examples of active research areas are: synthesis and characterization of nanocomposite materials, organic / inorganic nanocomposites for flexible electronics, synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials and nanostructures for solar energy applications, and characterization of nanomaterials utilizing high resolution electron microscopy and nano-scale spectroscopy, including single molecule methods to probe ultrastructure in nano-scale biological systems, and nonlinear optical imaging utilizing ultrafast lasers.

Admissions: An MS degree in an engineering or science area is required, exceptionally promising students may enter the program at the BS level, and will be expected to pursue coursework equivalent to an MS degree. A 3.0 GPA is considered the minimum allowable for admission. The GRE is required, but no minimum score is required. GRE subject test is encouraged but not required.

For more information on how to apply for the WRGP resident tuition rate for this program, please contact:

Professor Steve Smith
Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Department
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 394-5268

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