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The Doctorate in Audiology at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) is designed to lead to national clinical certification as an audiologist. The Doctorate of Audiology is the entry-level clinical degree required for clinical practice in audiology. It is different than the Ph.D., which is a research degree. Audiologists diagnose and assess hearing and balance disorders, and engage in rehabilitation and fitting of hearing aids and other assistive devices in infants to the elderly. The Doctorate of Audiology is a comprehensive program in which students take coursework in all major aspects of audiology, including hearing science, diagnostic assessment, counseling, hearing aid fitting, prevention of hearing loss, among many topics. The program addresses hearing across the life span, from young infants born with hearing loss to older adults who develop hearing loss later in life. We have a wide range of practicum sites available in metro Boulder and Denver including in schools, hospitals, and clinics. All students pass the national certifying exams.

Students may also apply to the combined AUD/Ph.D. program and complete both a clinical degree and research degree. Most of the coursework in the AUD program is accepted towards the Ph.D.

The deadline for applications is January 10th for admissions in the fall semester. Applicants are advised to begin this process with sufficient time in order to complete the online application by January 10th. Incomplete applications may not be reviewed. Students may be accepted without the undergraduate prerequisites but will need to take them if admitted. All students are considered for financial aid based on merit. Transfer students are considered. There are no special WICHE/WRGP requirements or deadlines.

If you are currently a nonresident of Colorado and believe you are eligible, answer 'yes' to the WRGP question in the Residency section of the online application. Checking this box is not an application for WRGP status. Once you are accepted and then you submit your letter of acceptance to CU Boulder, you can apply tuition classification as a WRGP student. CU Boulder will not process applications for this tuition classification until you accept your offer of admission.

In order to determine whether you will qualify as a resident of a WRGP state, CU Boulder uses all of the requirements to prove Colorado Domicile but uses your state instead. You must prove that your WRGP state is your permanent state of residence (even if you are a student at CU Boulder). Examples of evidence include paying state income tax in your WRGP state, possessing a driver's license in your WRGP state. For a list of examples of evidence of residency in a WRGP state, see Once you receive tuition classification as a resident of a WRGP state, you do not need to become a Colorado resident, and your WRGP tuition status remains in effect throughout your program.

For more information on how to apply for the WRGP resident tuition rate for this program, please contact:

Raul San Agustin
Graduate Program Assistant
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
University of Colorado Boulder
2501 Kittredge Loop Road, Boulder, CO 80309-409
O 303 492 3404
F  303 492 3274

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