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ASU's Master's in Architecture (MArch) is a studio-based graduate program that allows individuals to pursue a range of career options including traditional practice to design-build, from the design phase of projects to administering the business side of architecture firms. Students have the option of specializing; some continue on to doctoral studies and teach. Students can prepare a concurrent master's degree in business administration, landscape architecture, design, urban design, and others. Interdisciplinary collaborations are possible with other programs in The Design School, including industrial design, interior architecture, landscape architecture, and visual communication. ASU also houses the country's first School of Sustainability which offers master's and doctoral degrees.

Students in the two-year program who already have an undergraduate degree in architecture from an accredited program must complete 56 credits which include an internship, studios, core courses, and electives. Students with an undergraduate degree that is not from an accredited architecture program must complete an additional summer and academic year of preparatory classes in addition to the above, for a total of 98 credit hours. The curriculum integrates a range of issues including theory, technique, practice, and representation. It organizes the studio content sequentially, from a local, national, and international focus; the opportunity for an international studio is a part of the first semester of the final year. Students have the option to pursue an independent capstone project in the final semester or to select one of several optional studios that engage a faculty-led topic dealing with significant contemporary building problems or issues.

Our 2-year programs admit for fall and the 3+ programs for summer; applications are accepted annually from September 15 to January 15. More information can be found at or by emailing

After admission to their degree program, WRGP qualified applicants may apply to the WRGP program by submitting the WICHE WRGP Application Form found at

For more information on how to apply for the WRGP resident tuition rate for this program, please contact:

The Design School
Graduate Coordinators
Corie Cisco – 480-727-7919
Jessica Vasquez – 480-965-1174

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