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Biostatistics is the application of statistical methods to research in biology, public health, and medicine. Biostatisticians collaborate with scientists and investigators in nearly every area related to health and science, and have made major contributions to our understanding of:

Biostatisticians also contribute to the design of scientific studies to ensure the most appropriate and most powerful scientific hypotheses are tested.

The doctoral degree program in Biostatistics has an emphasis on the foundations of statistical reasoning and requires its graduates to complete rigorous training in applied probability and statistical analyses. This program prepares students who have demonstrated excellence in mathematics and the sciences to become research biostatisticians in academia, industry, or government.

The objective of the MS in Biostatistics is to prepare individuals to work effectively as applied biostatisticians in a variety of public health, epidemiological and clinical research settings, providing training in probability and statistical theory with a research focus.

To apply for WRGP, complete the College of Public Health Scholarship & Teaching Assistantship Application, emailed at the time of admission.

For more information on how to apply for the WRGP resident tuition rate for this program, please contact:

Amy Glicken
Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator
Office of Student Services and Alumni Affairs 

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